Accidents Like Love and Marriage, by Jaishree Misra

All right, so that was classic Jaishree Misra! In all honesty, I was terribly disappointed with her “Secrets Trilogy” or whatever she had called that series. But this, this was good. The best part of it was the humor. Serious situations have been dealt with clever wit that lets the reader seep in the intensity of the scene, but also laugh while doing so. It’s an art, really.
The story is pretty much similar to Two States (minus the blatantly insensitive racist comments) or Kardomom Kisses (minus the pointless confusion). This story is interspersed with the sibling and the best friend of the male (Tarun) and female (Gayatri) protagonists. There is a flashback that describes Gayatri’s previous relationship, that is strikingly similar to Neha and Alastair (if I remember his name correctly) from A Scandalous Secret.
Most of Jaishree Misra’s characters feel like they have been cut from the same cloth. You get that feeling fleetingly during the course of the book, but the humor (I just want to keep praising it) erases that out of your mind. As a reader, you hate the venomous Swarn but pity her husband. All characters are more or less believable, except Tracey perhaps.
Overall a good read. You can read it for the language and technique, if not for the plot. Do not leave your brains behind, but do not expect to tax it unnecessarily either.

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