Cut Like Wound, by Anita Nair

Cut Like Wound by Anita NairI remember the first time I saw this in my regular bookstore. I put it back on the shelf cos police thrillers are not something I enjoy reading. But it was an Anita Nair book after all, so two week later I went back to the store and bought it.
All her books seem to be connected somehow by some common threads. And still, each story is refreshingly different. In the case of ‘Cut Like Wound’, midway through the book, I figured out the ending, but perhaps the author meant it to be that way…? Not sure. I did think at some point though, that the characters Urmila and Inspector Gowda’s son Roshan had something up their respective sleeves.
The story is dark… and disturbing in a Patricia Cornwell kinda way. But the dates used somehow did not seem to coincide the events. There seemed to be some disparity there.
From a “psychological thriller” perspective, and considering the author’s previous works, I certainly felt something was lacking. A good (above average, but below great) read, nevertheless.

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