Lessons in Forgetting, by Anita Nair

Lessons in Forgetting by Anita NairIt took me some time to write a review for this. Mainly because when I finished reading it, I couldn’t praise it in full sentences. That’s how struck I was with this book. It is an excellent piece of writing (goes without saying, it’s Anita Nair after all!) There are strong shades of feminism in the tale, themes about midlife crises and an undercurrent of a mature love story of two middle-aged individuals.
Without giving away any plot details, I would like to admit that Smriti, the sufferer of the unfortunate “accident” is so strongly etched in my mind that my heart bleeds for this girl. And the anger I feel for the antagonists – the villains who did what they did to her – is just volcanic. Whenever I read about characters who have the “ooh-iam-a-man-and-this-is-my-world” attitude, it makes me foam-at-the-mouth angry!
What I love about Anita Nair’s books is the little background stories that her characters narrate. It gives them more depth, makes them more real. People who do not just exist within the dimension of the book, but those who have existed and lived lives before the tale of the book began. Kala’s little tales were good.
I do not think this review will in any way do justice to the book, but I strongly believe that this book will not disappoint any reader. While I enjoyed Mistress more than this, I do admit that this is probably a better written book. I am partial to Mistress judging solely on the basis of the two stories.
Rating: 4/5

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