Tea for two and a piece of cake, by Preeti Shenoy

Tea for two and a piece of cakeNot good! Not good! Not good! How this got voted as a bestseller is beyond me.
The story: All there on the back cover. Nothing more, nothing less. The front cover was kinda pretty, though
The characters: Seem terribly superficial and shallow. In fact, all descriptions of the characters seem to be about appearances and nothing else. The main female character is quite down in the dumps cos of her weight issues, but she flashes a bit of cleavage in the beginning, and seems to win the heart of the guy she eventually marries (and gets dumped by)! Shallow and how!
The language is just a sad attempt to use words that try hard to glamorize otherwise boring sentences, and the attempt falls flat on its face. The layout is as linear as a pole. There are some attempts at humor, but the “jokes” are really lame. The mills and boonsiness of the whole thing gets annoying after a few pages.
The ending: blah!
If you’re into mills and boons kinda crap, maybe this book is for you. Else, skip it, by all means.

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