That Kiss In The Rain, by Novoneel Chakraborty

That Kiss In The Rain by Novoneel ChakrabortyI guess I was too carried away with “How about a sin tonight”, which I have given 3 stars to, but I will probably be taking some points out of it, due to the terrible book that this one is. In fact, how about was also just average, but some of the author’s ideas reflected some of mine, hence the “carried away” feeling.
This one is just an immature piece of writing. In Swadha, I have found a wet tissue paper of a female character, mooning over a married boss waiting for his wife to die. In Pallavi, the author seems to have tried to create a Sydney Sheldon-like heroine, but has failed. She’s neither intelligent nor quirky nor, when required, sensitive like Sheldon’s heroines. Haasil is nondescript, despite being the so-called “main guy” of the story. He’s just another wet tissue paper. And the circumstances in which (ok – spoiler, but who cares, really) his wife was found was pretty laughable. I mean, oh please!
The language/writing technique is lazy. The writer just keeps jumping from scene to scene, and it’s lazy and loose. And really, what is “be rest assured” ? People either are asked to “rest assured” or “be assured”. But what does “be rest” mean?? The metaphors are over the top, just like “how about..” “The tears were given freedom from the fortress that were his eyes” that sentence was an insult even to the worst purple prose!
And note to the author – don’t know what you know about marriages, but no husband and wife ever spent every waking moment in “furious lovemaking sessions”, cos that’s all the very lovelorn Haasil seems to do with his wife. Oh that, and, talk endlessly about love in sad, forlorn, philosophical terms. In fact, the latter is all that Haasil does with Swadha as well. Why exactly?
A lot of the endless, meaningless paragraphs about love and life seem to be coming out of the author’s mouth, rather than the characters’. This leaves them flimsy. Unreal. And they all seem to be cut more or less from the same cloth.
I thought I would be reading the author’s other book as well, but I guess, he would have nothing new to offer.

2 thoughts on “That Kiss In The Rain, by Novoneel Chakraborty

  1. The title of the book – 'that kiss in rain' suggests that the author is inclined towards romantic passion – but I think there has to be some balance, some subtlety. Since I haven't read the book, I can't say much….but your review does give a direction whether to pick this book or not.


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