Month: July 2014

An Actor’s Life, by Duncan Whitehead

It’s been quite a while since I reviewed a short story. An Actor’s Life is an ironic tale of a failed, albeit slightly vain actor, Terry Sparkes. In this brief tale, the author has perfectly summarized Terry’s rise to fame and subsequent fall. A dark comedy that reminded me of Guy de Maupassant’s The Diamond Necklace (though they both have completely different plot lines)

It’s noteworthy that in a short story, Terry’s character has been outlined clearly. His thought process during his first audition to his feelings while watching the Oscars have been captured brilliantly into words by the author and this is the best part about this story.

A short story that wouldn’t take too much of your time; I’d recommend you give this a try if you are a fan of dark comedies and plot twists.

PS: I did feel the line in the summary “meanwhile his biggest fan and fellow actor Terry Sparkes watches the ceremony alone in his dingy London flat unaware that this evening will change his life forever……but have Terry’s and Sir Michael’s paths crossed before?” is a bit of a give-away.

This book is available here. This is the Kindle version and is presently available free of cost.

Rating: 3/5

The Autobiography of a Sex Worker, by Nalini Jameela

I do believe a lot of this autobiography has been lost in translation. Nalini has written a lot about herself – a bit of where she began from, where her work took her, etc. We learn a lot about Nalini, and yet once we’re done reading, we don’t learn who Nalini is. There’s a difference between “knowing about a person” and “knowing a person”. Perhaps, this is how she intended it.
There is a way which Nalini glorifies her profession with her words, at the same time talking about how humiliating parts of her life have been. There is also an undertone of self-praise when she talks about herself. She has described in detail about some of her clients, but there was really no need to have chapters for each client. But that’s just my opinion.
Perhaps Nalini went through several trials in her life. She has spoken briefly about them. But maybe it’s a problem with the writing or the translation, but as a reader, you do not feel connected to the writer in any way.

Rating: 1.5/5