Solitude’s Fine, by John Porter

Genre/Themes: Short, Fiction, Homosexuality, Teen
This is the story of an 18-year old teenager, John Porter. This short story shocks the reader. It is brutally honest and what you notice at first is how “raw” the writing is. I truly cannot think of another word to describe the writing style.
As this is a short story, I cannot write much about the characters without revealing the plot. The author tries to keep the identity of the protagonist a secret in the beginning, and right from the revelation of the protagonist to the end of the story, there are unexpected twists, which have been written superbly. The ending was completely unexpected.
The author’s exploration of emotions (and also the lack of them) is commendable. It is something that each reader can relate to, because we’ve all faced situations that we couldn’t wrap our heads around, we’ve all been unable to feel sad when the people around us expected us to, we’ve all felt sorrows that we couldn’t explain. The protagonist’s thoughts and feelings are well described. However, I do feel the descriptions of the sex scenes were overly graphic. At certain points, it seemed unnecessary. While it all contributed to the twist at the end, it could’ve been toned down a little, because the story has enough substance to carry itself without getting tagged as borderline porn.
This story is a part of several other short works of fiction. I look forward to reading more of the author’s work.
Overall Rating: 3/5
I thank the author, John Porter, for sending me the ebook.
This book is available on: Amazon (Kindle Edition)

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