A Midnight Reverie, by Beatrice Manuel

Interestingly, this young-adult romance novel is one of the better books I have read this year, though its author, I think, was a little apprehensive about it at first. She wrote this book at fourteen, and in her own words, “it does not exhibit the full potential of my writing skills”.
Well, I must say, if this is how she wrote when she was fourteen, then I wonder how she writes now!
Genre: Young-adult, Romance (but not the gooey kind), Family.
Summary: The story of a young girl and how she deals with the challenges of life.
Writing technique/layout/language: This book has been written in first person. I am not too fond of books written this way because in my opinion, when a book is written in first person, it shows a certain laziness on the part of the author. It is easier to put the protagonist’s thoughts in first person, and very little detailing needs to go into the thought process of the other characters.
This book, however, may be the exception to that rule. The author has brilliantly portrayed emotions and thoughts of almost all the characters, and the character of Lillian Jones, the protagonist has been explored and presented delightfully.
Also noteworthy is the way the disintegration of Lillian’s parents’ marriage has been described. The turbulence of marriage and the disillusionment which most married couples go through has been portrayed quite well.
The plot follows different timelines. It begins with a prologue that describes a funeral. This creates a mystery for the reader as we know something tragic has happened, but we don’t know to whom or what. After the prologue, we go to the protagonist’s childhood.
I do not want to give out spoilers, but the chapter about Adrian leaving for college (titled Drama) and a few subsequent ones were a little too “young adult” for me. It may have been cute, and I am sure a lot of young readers will like it. But it was not truly my cup of tea (I feel so old!)
Also, in a couple of places, the word “then” was used in place of “than” (one example: having to work much harder then he already was). Apart from that, there were no errors.
Overall Rating: 3.5/5
This book is available at: Amazon. Teens/Young adults would really enjoy this one, IMO.

Note: This book was sent to me as a PDF file by the author. Thank you, Beatrice and keep writing!

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