The Long And Short Of It, Various Authors – Indireads Collection

Lately, I’ve been pretty disillusioned with the state of literature. There are so many authors and so many books that are badly in need of shaping up.
Which is why when the Indireads team sent me a copy of The Long And Short Of It, I sighed with the assumption of meh-ness. Thereby, making the colossal mistake of judging a book by its cover. I was pleasantly surprised as the book progressed.
About the book: The Long And Short Of It is a collection of short stories. The book is divided in to four parts, based on genre: Drama, Crime, Paranormal and Romance. Each story is followed by a short bio of the respective author. There are stories by 15 different south-Asian authors.
The stories: While all the stories in The Long And Short Of It are good, the Crime section is what truly carries the book on its shoulders. The five stories in this section are crisp and delicious, all with a surprise ending. I must especially mention the two stories by Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan. They left me awed.
I was a little disappointed by the Paranormal section. The story Together Forever had a promising beginning, but in the end it left something to be desired. A Walk Through The Street would’ve been better suited for the Romance section. Secrets of the Midnight Nuclear Deal was too predictable and, in my opinion, an overdone theme of late.
Language: Most popular Indian writers disappoint me with their language. While most readers leave reviews on the lines of “despite the few grammar errors, the book was good”. Well, a book with “few grammar errors” is simply inexcusable.
The Long And Short Of It has errors in the first chapter (A Plate Of Rice) such as “repeat again” and “thick friends”. I understand the pidgin language in dialogue is only being to describe Ram. That is fine. Apart from this, A Walk Through The Street suffers from punctuation errors (missing commas and semi colons).
I would have placed Lovers and Monsters right up there, along with Dr. Roshan Radhakrishnan’s short stories, but there’s a tiresome shade of purple in Rahul Biswas’ writing.
While the purple prose is more or less excusable, I do wish the Indireads team had done some editing to clear out the minor errors.
Rating: 4/5
This book isn’t available as a paperback. You can buy the Kindle copy on Amazon:

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