This Mirror In Me, by Denis Fitzpatrick

I read a sample of This Mirror In Me and the concept was quite intriguing. But this book really does not have enough content that qualifies for a full length novel. It might have been an interesting short story, but in its present form, it’s simply tiring.

Summary: Tonia, a mathematics professor, performs a strange ritual every weekend, wherein she stares at her mirror and imagines her friends in the reflection, thereby having long (and I mean – LONG) conversations with each of them. She does this to make up for the lack of a social life. She feels as this practice is not hurting anyone, she does not need to seek help, despite knowing it’s an addictive habit and she has detailed hallucinations, which, of course, as anyone would tell you, isn’t normal.

Characters: Tonia is the protagonist. She considers herself very friendly and outgoing but does not understand why none of her friends want to invite her over to their houses. On the other hand, she dislikes visitors who come in unannounced. The other characters are the ones she has interactions with in her mirror.

Chapters/Layout: There are 24 chapters. Their names correspond with the person Tonia is interacting with. In each chapter, there are lengthy conversations. The flaw here is that there is little narration between the dialogues. They simply run one after the other. In effect, we’re talking about 24 lengthy conversations with one main character and several imagined ones. Some chapters seem a little pointless, placed there only to highlight the protagonist’s behavior, the imagined character’s behavior or to increase the length of the story. But then, not to sound snarky (though nearly there), the whole book seemed a little pointless.

The book held a lot of promise in the beginning. I even liked a quote a lot and submitted it on goodreads. But the more I read, the more dull This Mirror In Me seemed, and before I knew it, I couldn’t wait for it to end (and a fast-paced page-turner, it sure isn’t).

Rating: 2/5

If you wanna buy it (though my review isn’t what anyone would consider a sales pitch!), the Kindle version is available here:


Note: I was sent a PDF version of the novel for review by Denis Fitzpatrick.


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