A Conversation With Joy Jennings, Author of “I am Not Your Baby”

Petrichor and Clouds

Joy Jennings is the author of “I am Not Your Baby.” The book deals with some highly sensitive subjects, such as rape, assault, and abuse. The author’s memoir describes in detail all that she suffered while living in Gold Coast, Australia, but if you read the excerpt that is shared here, then you’ll know this happens everywhere, and yet we feel powerless to counter it. It is horrifying – but neither are more laws being brought into place to assure the safety of women, nor any to punish the criminals. This seems to be true the world over – this pathetic treatment meted out to those who have not only suffered a great deal (and that’s understating it), but have somehow summoned the courage to speak about it. This is made worse by those trying to establish the fact that stats (of reported assaults and rapes) are fabricated – if the world is…

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