Would You Like Me To Review A Book?

—-Update! Currently not accepting books for review—-


Books do not breathe, but they are so alive that some of us breathe and live through them! I know I do. Having said that, not every book is my cup of tea. I have my preferences, just like everyone else. While it is difficult for me to categorize books into genres that “I like” and “I don’t like” (because good books and bad books exist in all genres), here’s how I am going to broadly classify my preferences:

I like:

Literary Classics

Magic Realism

Tragic Romances

Distopian Fiction

YA (very, very selective about this)



Fiction with Feminist Themes


Spy/Espionage Novels

Historical Romances

I don’t like:

Gooey Romances/Love Stories

Erotica (poetry is an exception, and will be accepted)

Self Help/Inspirational/Motivational


Religious works (unless it’s a fiction/faction/thriller like the works of Dan Brown)

Children’s books

Does your work fall into any of the genres listed in the first category? Would you like me to review it for you? Please send your query to reesh.1211@gmail.com. Please include a blurb, and relevant links (goodreads, Amazon etc.) in your email. Alternatively, you can reach out to me via Twitter (@petrichorclouds) or drop a message to me on Facebook (http://facebook.com/petrichorandclouds). I try to respond to all messages within 24 hours.

Have fun writing!

Disclosure Policy: If the book being reviewed was sent by an author, publishing house or any other third party, the same shall be disclosed in the post.

Any queries, please leave a comment below or on any of the channels listed above.